October 18 – 20

105 MIN

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On a cold Vancouver afternoon, Áila finds Rosie shivering in the rain, fleeing a domestic violence attack. Deciding to help, her fate becomes entangled with the seemingly meek stranger. The viewer is drawn in to witness to their day spent together, almost in real time, privy to the inner lives of these two Indigenous women. We feel their moments of confusion and tension in the sadness and awkwardness of their long-held silences. Rosie, in turns abruptly harsh and incredibly vulnerable, is a familiar portrait of trauma. Gradually, their tentative relationship develops into something more meaningful but just as fragile, a mutual acknowledgement between two complex women, on whose bodies histories of colonialism and gendered violence—as well as strength and kinship—are forever affixed. -ST

Sponsored by The Helis Foundation and Canada
This screening is free thanks to the generous support of The Helis Foundation.