October 21

63 MIN

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“Now I know what others have suffered from me, for I burn with the love of my own self.” The Greek myth of Narcissus is a fitting choice for Andonis Foniadiakis’ residency at the Martha Graham Dance Company. The famed choreographer’s style almost antagonizes the rules of Graham; he forces the dancer to abandon rigidity for fluid movement, to connect contraction and release through lyrical gesture. With only 28 days until the world premiere, a company of modern dancers push their bodies and minds to adapt to a new vision. Lovers of dance and drama will delight in this insider look at the passion, vision, and physical demands it takes to bring a collaborative artistic vision to life. -KM


Preceded by Tahir: “Get Mine”
UK, Poland | 2018 | 3 MIN
DIR: Milo Blake, Magdelena Zielinska

A surreal urban fairy tale in which two city spirits come together for one night only to share a dance exploring the journey of love and human relationships.