October 19 – 23

85 MIN

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Dios Nunca Muere
USA, Ireland | 2018 | 14 MIN
DIR: Barbara Cigarroa

When a new mobile home arrives on the farm where they live with dozens of other undocumented families, Paula allows herself and her children to imagine the home is their own – if only for a moment.


What Do You Know About the Water and the Moon
China | 2019 | 16 MIN
DIR: Jian Luo

During an attempted abortion, a girl gives birth to a live jellyfish.


USA | 2018 | 20 MIN
DIR: A.V. Rockwell

Elizier, an emotionally-dejected new enrollee at The Edward R. Mill School for Lost Boys, must overcome memories of a tragic past and the present hazing by his peers.


Manila is Full of Men Named Boy
Philippines, USA | 2018 | 21 MIN
DIR: Andrew Stephen Lee

Manila, July 7, 2009. Michael Jackson’s funeral is televised throughout The Philippines, while terrorists attack in the south. An estranged son purchases a child who can drink and smoke to impress his father.


USA | 2018 | 14 MIN
DIR: Connor Hurley

On a summer day, a group of unattended kids perform a dangerous initiation ritual, incapable of understanding its life-changing potential.


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