October 19 – 21

73 MIN

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After a years-long absence, sisters Rita and Carolina finally return to their birthplace in the Dominican Republic to prepare their dead father’s childhood home for sale. There, they rejoin their brother Dante, their main link to the family back home. As they excavate the house’s literal and emotional junk, they discover that there’s more than years and miles separating them. In this affecting chamber piece, first-time director Diana Peralta zooms in past the postcard prettiness of the island setting, framing intimate scenes that raise big questions: whether a patriarch’s death severs a sibling bond or starts it anew, and how to square the longing for a home that’s an ocean away with the reality that you’ve forever left it behind. -JK


Preceded by Deseisaocho la banda: “Limones (Lemons)”
Spain, France | 2018 | 5 MIN
DIR: Daniela Godel

Emerging from the water, Nadir, the blue man, goes on a bicycle journey through villages and arid mountains. He will cross paths with the mysterious Derina, creator of life.


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