October 18 7:30 pm

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Filmmaker in attendance. 

WORLD PREMIERE | Shot with 16mm for a true ‘70s road-movie aesthetic, Easy Does It follows the scrappy anti-heroics of two Mississippi no-hopers on a treasure hunt of epic proportions. In their chase for the American Dream, these not-so-natural-born killers somehow stumble into national notoriety as public enemies number one and two. Geeky dreamboat hostage in tow, this trio of star-crossed friends smash-cut their way through the American Southwest in a blaze of fireworks, color gels, and weed-induced animation sequences. An analogue scrapbook of blood-and-paint-soaked folksiness, the film exposes the jacked-up machismo and delusions of grandeur that fuel the aspirational hearts of crooks, cops, and those caught somewhere in the middle. -ST

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