October 19

80 MIN

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When the United States withdrew from the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal last year, hundreds of thousands of undocumented Afghan refugees, many living in Iran since 1979, found themselves without work. In the hope of returning to Afghanistan, they must first seek approval at an Immigration Center. Director Bahman Kiarostami (son of the late, great Abbas Kiarostami) puts us in the chair of the officers who decide hundreds of human fates daily. Far from a political exposé, this film presents the family histories, relationships, and choices that become the subject of negotiation in times of strife. Guards and migrants exchange laughs, lies, and compassion in a series of portraits that recall the closer struggles of immigrants at the U.S. border. -KM


Preceded by Practice
China, USA | 2017 | 10 Min
DIR: Iyabo Kwayana

Filmed near the Shaolin temple in Henan, China: moving from the mundane realm of arduous and repetitive rehearsal to the fantastic fulfillment that comes as a result.


This screening is free thanks to the generous support of The Helis Foundation.