Oct 20, 23

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SUN OCT 20 | 9:00PM | TUBI THEATER AT CAC – filmmakers in attendance. 

Foreclosed Home Movie
USA | 2018 | 8 Min
Dir: Lisa Danker

Losing a home in Miami in the 1930s becomes the sister tale to a foreclosure in 2013. Photographs and abstractly animated details of the house alternate with the 1930s memoir, echoing the cyclical qualities of both trauma and economic depressions.


Mudanza Contemporánea
Spain | 2018 | 19 Min
Dir: Teo Guillem

Armchairs, mattresses, feet, blankets, arms, memories, mops, and tubes of plastic dance, twist, fall, fly, and break in this emotional choreography in which a man and his army of objects try to defeat a ghost from the past.


everyday star
Sri Lanka, USA | 2018 | 9 Min
Dir: Rajee Samarasinghe

Everyday states of being and decay are observed through the infinite scope of the cosmos and the restorative light which emanates from it. Inspired by the act of watching light shine through a window onto his father’s body each day during a prolonged illness, the filmmaker incorporates different time planes along with a number of disparate visual elements and rhythms in a sequence with a narrative logic.


His Eyes Behind Mine
USA | 2019 | 6 Min
Dir: Qin Ziwei


Rich-toned layers of emulsion textures are punctuated with nervous, rapid-fire text exchanges: is it the start of a sweet love affair, or a sinister initiation? Against the somber menace of a moaning jazz score, wintry landscapes and young men’s bodies float, scratch, and jitter. A mysterious story of obsession told in texture as much as in language.


Absent Wound (زخم)
Iran, UK | 2018 | 10 Min
Dir: Maryam Tafakory


In an empty space of a bathhouse and in the “House of Strength,” where men dance and parade in the rituals of Persian warrior training, the recitations of a young girl coming to terms with her impending womanhood are heard. Through poetic meditation and evocative use of text and space, the idea of the feminine is smuggled into these forbidden zones of male activity.


Motion At A Distance
USA | 2018 | 3 Min
Dir: Lindsay Packer, Andrew Yong Hoon Lee

In this stop-motion animation, color takes ephemeral form into the sound space. Shadow shapes emerge, interact, and recede as luminous geometries call into question the division between analog and digital ways of seeing and believing. Andrew Yong Hoon Lee’s optical sound guides Lindsay Packer’s light-based installation and performance work. Sound here is used as material, pushed and pulled like paint on canvas to create abstract textures that evoke mood and memory.


3 Part Horror-mon-ee
USA | 2019 | 11 Min
Dir: Ashley Teamer


Repeating images of water, desperate basketball players, and nighttime highways creates the sense of impending doom that marked Teamer’s childhood, peppered with various hurricane evacuations. Amidst cryptic weather reports and ominous police scanners, 3 Part Horror-mon-ee is meant as a reminder of the invisible toll Katrina has taken on generations of young people in New Orleans.


Cut Copy Sphinx
USA | 2018 | 4 Min
Dir: Virginia Lee Montgomery

A feminist twist on the classical myth of Oedipus and the Sphinx: a surreal, sculptural short art film about metaphysics, myth, and destruction. Shot en plein aire on a miniature prop-set with a Dewalt drill and a gallon of honey, the film syncs philosophy, feminism, and image theory.


Black Composer Trilogy Part 1: A Quality Of Light
USA | 2018 | 8 Min
Dir: Madeleine Hunt-ehrlich

An interrogation of the story of the director’s grandmother, Daphne Clement, who composed over 100 jazz and classical arrangements in her lifetime. The first part of a trilogy on black women artists and desire, all of which work with archival material, performance, and experimental film structures to investigate the role desire plays in artistic production. This work is in part about finding film forms that can represent the breaks and gaps in black archives without seeking to repeat the violence of dominant storytelling conventions.