October 21 – 22

96 MIN

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“In a small town you can lie… you can commit adultery, you can even murder somebody, but you can’t not go to church.” Here, Louise Abbott evokes the social hypocrisy and harsh realism that inspired the stories of her friend, the celebrated Southern writer Flannery O’Connor (1925-1964). While her work may be mistaken for that of a “bitter old alcoholic”—as little-known O’Connor scholar Conan O’Brien notes—O’Connor was in fact a devout Catholic who suffered from chronic lupus and spent much of her life on a Georgia chicken farm. Through interviews with friends, family, and famous writers, alongside evocative animated renditions of her work, Flannery uncovers the paradoxical and politically complex strands of O’Connor’s life that led to her iconic vision of the Southern grotesque. -ST