October 17 – 22

80 MIN

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The sun rises over Havana, Cuba, and awakens not just a city, but the people who live on its rooftops. Amidst poverty and dilapidated buildings left by the Special Period—the worst economic crisis the country has ever seen—lie people with a deep love for the city and their towering views. Through sun-soaked visuals and interviews with rooftop dwellers, we get a sense of their hopes, history, and the reality of living in Cuba post–Special Period. What begins as a portrait of everyday life becomes an exploration of the effects of socio-economic disarray and increased foreign influence on a fiercely independent nation. Despite their adversity and separation from the world, the rooftop dwellers of Havana, like all others, search for happiness. -EM


Preceded by The Blue Cape (La Capa Azul)
Puerto Rico | 2018 | 5 MIN
DIR: Alejandra López

A child faces the feat of saving his sickly grandfather during the ravages of Hurricane Maria.


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