Oct 17 - Oct 23

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Alongside virtual reality and installation-based video art, Cinema Reset is returning this year with newly-expanded programming in our Micro Cinema within NOFF’s Festival Hub at the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC). Programming below will be running continuously throughout the festival, Thursday, October 17th to Wednesday, October 23rd, 11am-9pm.


Rachel de Cuba

Rachel de Cuba creates living extensions of herself, birthing works that engage all senses and spark dialogue. She marries digital media with craft in fibers, and researches domestic structures, migration, and citizenship in the Americas. De Cuba was raised among the citrus groves and palmetto scrubs in Sebastian, Florida, and now resides in S.C. as Art faculty at Clemson University.


Pieced Vessels

2018, Digital Video

Pieced Vessels presents the cutting and piecing of collected structures on the island of Aruba.


Dwelling Growth

2019, Digital Video

Dwelling Growth is a meditation on the building of material structures and the disintegration of digital ephemera. 


I Hope I Thank You Enough

Cotton, linen, Digital Video

I Hope I Thank You Enough consists of a woven tapestry created in the duration of a pregnancy that encompasses the area around a digitally-quilted video of maternal influences. 


matthew anthony batty

matthew anthony batty was raised near the bayous of Louisiana, and the inlets of South Central Florida. Their artistic practice spans video, installation, social intervention, sculpture, and printmaking. matthew’s work explores themes of dark ecology, and the blurred diad of nature and culture through American identities and myths of manifest destiny. They currently live and work in S.C. 



2019, Single Channel Video 

a poem about gender performances as they pertain to a dancing empty cicada exoskeleton and classic song “These Boots Are Made For Walking,” which was written by a mxn for the performance of a womyn.


the delicate leaps between…

2019,  Sound Sculpture

Two-channel audio loop, chorus of bullfrogs, speakers, five gallon buckets, gig, microphone stands, cooler, hand-woven cushion with fishing line, red dirt.

Male bullfrogs sing to each other at a makeshift listening station.


wading of the chorus after the refrain

2019, Sound Sculpture

Five gallon bucket, microphone, guitar amp, red dirt.

The resonance of the exhibition is collected and performed.


Cristina Molina

Cristina Molina is a visual artist who hails from Miami and currently lives and works in New Orleans. Spanning video installation, performance, photography, sculpture, and textile design, Molina’s work privileges female protagonists to explore themes related to origins, heritage, and personal mythology. She is Associate Professor of New Media + Animation at Southeastern Louisiana University. 


Sea Pastures
2016-19, HD Video Installation
Sea Pastures is a video portrait of a young man performing Kung-Fu at sea.


Ice of the World (from The Matriarchs series)
2016-17, Digital Video
Ice of the World features an intergenerational portrait of women in one family to contemplate themes of eroding landscape, lineage, and loss.