October 20 6:30 pm

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A semi-autobiographical coming-of-age tale, Jezebel exists in a raw cinematic space where race, poverty, gender, and sex-work intersect. It’s the late ‘90s: nineteen-year-old Tiffany is crashing at her sister’s apartment in Las Vegas in the lead-up to their mother’s death, along with two other siblings and her sister’s deadbeat boyfriend. To help with their dire finances, Tiffany’s sister introduces her to online sex work. Avoiding exploitative bosses, racist clients, and judgement from her own family, Tiffany must navigate her burgeoning mastery of her own sexuality. This complicates further when she develops a connection with one of her clients: an unusually polite fetishist. Yet what shines through Jezebel most of all is a unique and layered sister relationship in the midst of maternal loss. -ST

Sponsored by Fallon Young.

Preceded by Goddess House
USA | 2018 | 6 MIN
DIR: Marion Hill

A courtesan is summoned to rouse a queen from her languor in this affirmative vision of consensual sex work between queer femmes.