October 20 – 22

89 MIN

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Below the Flood Gate
UK, USA | 2019 | 23 MIN
DIR: Sarah Franke


Vulnerable to flooding and excluded from protective measures, the residents of Cocodrie, Louisiana hold firmly to their way of life.


Lafitte 2068: No Place to Call Home
USA | 2019 | 14 MIN
DIR: Emerson Boutte


Generations from the coastal town of Lafitte speak out on how coastal erosion, subsidence, and floods have severely impacted their lives.


What the River Made
USA | 2019 | 5 MIN
DIR: Keely Kernan


A journey through Bayou Pompadour in southern Louisiana reveals how man-made influences have fundamentally altered the Mississippi River and its Delta.


Lowland Kids
USA | 2019 | 22 Min
DIR: Sandra Winther

As climate change erases the Louisiana coast, the last two teenagers fight to stay on Isle de Jean Charles – their family home for generations.


Beirut on the Bayou
US, France, Lebanon | 2019 | 25 MIN
DIR: Brent Joseph


Lebanese author Raif Shwayri travels to Louisiana to trace the life of his grandfather who once worked as a peddler serving the Cajuns on Bayou Lafourche.