Oct 17 - Oct 23

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Alongside virtual reality and installation-based video art, Cinema Reset is returning this year with newly-expanded programming in our Microcinema within NOFF’s Festival Hub at the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC, 900 Camp St, New Orleans, entrance from St. Joseph Street side). Programming below will be running continuously throughout the festival, Thursday, October 17th to Wednesday, October 23rd, 11am-9pm.

Microcinema received critical support from:





On Saturday, October 19th, each programming block will be presented twice, with artist talks with visiting filmmakers to follow:

11:00 AM – Block I: Journeys
12:00 PM – Block II: Declarations
1:00 PM – Block III: Vibrations
2:00 PM – Block IV: Exchanges
2:30 PM – Block V: Ecologies
4:00 PM – Block VI: Commissioned Artists Showcase
6:00 PM – Block I: Journeys
7:00 PM – Block II: Declarations
8:00 PM – Block III: Vibrations
9:00 PM – Block IV: Exchanges
9:30 PM – Block V: Ecologies
10:15 PM – Boogie: Everything’s for Sale


Block I: Journeys

Relic 2

USA, UK | 2019 | 11 MIN
DIR: Larry Achiampong


Informed by technology, agency and the body, narratives of migration. This multi-disciplinary project builds upon a postcolonial perspective and Afrofuturist thematics in various locations and landscapes.


I Snuck Off The Slave Ship
USA | 2018 | 20 MIN
DIR: Lonnie Holley, Cyrus Moussavi

Lonnie Holley, a self-taught African American artist and dimensional traveler, attempts to sneak off the slave ship America.


Block II: Declarations

Two Parts Black

USA | 2018 | 6 MIN
DIR: Cleon Arrey

An exploration and celebration of black bodies in an inverted world.


Get Off the Paper
USA | 2019 | 25 MIN
DIR: Sabrina Cates


As an ode to her triumph of generational and childhood tragedy, poet Sabrina Cates takes us on a poetic odyssey from hardship to happiness


Block III: Vibrations

Just a Small

USA | 2019 | 5 Min
DIR: Na Kyung Kim

A story, told in individual paintings on a single large canvas, of a small eel wishing to become something greater than itself.


USA | 2019 | 11 MIN
DIR: Carter Eggleston, David Franusich, Tacie Jones, Vasia Ampatzi


A symbolic ritual involving the ubiquitous plastic water bottle reconnects modern expediency to the natural world.


Palace of Pope
USA | 2018 | 12 MIN
DIR: Stephanie Barber

An experimental video composed of found photographs, original text and sound art, balancing between an essay film and poem.


Block IV: Exchanges

Shalva (Tranquility)

USA | 2018 | 4 Min
DIR: Danna Grace Windsor

In a synthetic meditation space, an empty shell seeks power.


My Mother Resents Me (Mi Madre Me Tiene Rabia)
Dominican Republic | 2019 | 7 MIN
DIR: Victoria Linares Villegas

An only daughter tries to decipher her mother’s resentment towards her by parsing through old photographs and new footage.


Discovery Settings
USA | 2019 | 6 MIN
DIR: Kat Vivaldi

A data meshing of instructional videos and found footage, exploring new age relationships and their precursors, and why there’s no one around me.


Block V: Ecologies


USA | 2019 | 38 MIN
DIR: David Gamble, Jonathan Freilich

A collaboration of image and music between a jazz composer and a photographer, Esplanade is an avant-garde narrative of a journey along the eponymous avenue.


Hong Kong, UK, USA | 2019 | 13 MIN
DIR: Simon Liu

35mm photo negatives and moving pictures (taken during the artist’s formative years) are obsessively cut apart, reshuffled then spliced together inch by inch.


Brazil | 2019 | 14 MIN
DIR: Marcos Bonisson, Khalil Charif

An experimental work set in Copacabana, elaborated through a collage of current and archive images on both super 8 film and digital.


Special Screening: Visual Album

Boogie: “Everything’s for Sale”
USA | 2019 | 20 MIN
DIR: Gina Gammell, Riley Keough, Malcolm Washington

This visual compilation of Boogie’s debut studio album weaves together a rich tapestry of images exploring the rapper’s life.

Playing Sat Oct 19 at 10pm in the Microcinema in the Film Festival Hub at the CAC.