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In a town founded by formerly enslaved African Americans after the Civil War, Stacey Ryan’s home in Mossville is no longer in a neighborhood but a busy construction site, as South African company Sasol expands their compound of petrochemical plants. They’ve bought out every other resident and cut off his utilities but, even faced with the risk of illness and death from chemical exposure that chased many of his neighbors away, Ryan doesn’t waver in refusing their offers. With an empathetic but rigorous documentary approach, director Alexander Glustrom (Big Charity, NOFF 2014) exposes environmental racism threatening a community founded on resistance. -KM


Preceded by By the River – filmmaker in attendance.
USA | 2019 | 5 MIN
DIR: Keely Kernan


Pastor Harry Joseph from St. James Parish, Louisiana, tells the story of his community and church in the chemical corridor of the Mississippi River.


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