October 21 – 23

84 MIN

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Jodie’s driving out to the desert this weekend to see Guns N’ Roses, her favorite band. But for now she’s stuck dealing with a trollish harasser who won’t stop texting her third-grade insults that would be laughable if they weren’t seasoned with death threats. For women whose bodies don’t conform to the “no fat chix” standard of online CHUDs, life can seem like a never-ending demand to shrink, shut up, or simply want less, and Jodie’s righteous refusal to comply is backed by her coterie of ride-or-die gay besties. But things take a turn for the worse when she’s ghosted by Dustin, a rare, seemingly decent straight guy. Raw, spare, and anchored by a laceratingly vulnerable lead performance, Pig Hag lives in the spot where a laugh meets a grimace. -JK