October 18 – 22

89 MIN

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Cigarette-thin, with an impending mullet and a keen eye for the scrappable metal that keeps his family fed, Matthew “Video Pat” Burns looks like the type of quirky dude that could pop up on a Florida-set reality show. That is, if you can look past his Hank Williams, Jr. “stars n bars” dress shirt, or the wall of politically pestilential decals on his lifted pickup, or the general background radiation of xenophobic paranoia in his home. Can you look past that? That’s the key question of this film, which is supposed to be about the pastime of big-truck mudding, whose devotees hop from mudhole to mudhole ahead of the cops. This is no light joyride, though; it’s more like a sad, searching look in the mirror, and a splash of cold water for any Americans who thought we were past this. -JK