October 20 – 23

94 MIN

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On the South Side of Chicago, boxers Kenneth Sims Jr. and Destyne Butler Jr. have bright futures, both with Olympic potential. Young, bright, and black, each are lifted up by strong support systems, led by their fathers. But as they explore what their futures hold, the differences are sometimes stark: Kenny’s rising success seems all the more assured juxtaposed with the uncertainty of Destyne’s career after years spent in jail instead of in the ring. As much a story about the fathers who coach them as it is about the boxers themselves, this film is a declaration of the possibility of evolution from one generation to the next. It’s a tribute to the steadfast supporters on the side of the ring, and the growth that results from learning from mistakes and paving your own path. -EM


Preceded by CAP
USA | 2019 | 17 MIN
DIR: Marshall Tyler

Fifteen-year-old Manny Bennitt learns the hard way the price of being cool.