October 19 – 23

92 MIN

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Feeling uninspired and worried that her filmmaking career is going nowhere, Felicia decides to go back to therapy. When her best friend, Max (Peter Vack), recommends a new therapist, Felicia becomes intensely obsessed with her. As she dives deeper into her fixation with her therapist, Elisabeth, the boundaries between therapist and patient become blurred in a humorous and surreal exploration of friendship, mental health, and art. Colored by saturated visuals and an array of candy that echoes the sweetness and stillness of summer, Felicia and Elisabeth demonstrate the wacky consequences that can arise from the unhealthy relationship between therapist, patient, and best friend in this off-kilter pastel dream world. -EM


Preceded by Golf!
USA | 2018 | 7 MIN
DIR: Julia Bales

A golfer and his caddy have a very difficult conversation on the green.