October 22

101 MIN

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In 1980s Saigon, Dung Thunderbolt, a Nintendo-obsessed debt collector, works for a backstreet crime syndicate. His dichotomous view of life falters when he collects from a theater where singers perform Cải Lương, the modern Vietnamese folk opera music that once filled his childhood home. There he meets young lead Linh Phung and through a series of serendipitous interactions their initial tension develops into deep tenderness and affection. Their love story mirrors the star-crossed lovers of a Cải Lương performance, as Dung considers the beauty and grace of a life that could await him. Song Lang’s visuals are infused with soft amber hues and brightened by sequins of Cải Lương costumes as Leon Le explores nostalgia for a Vietnam that doesn’t exist anymore. -EM