October 18 – 21

67 MIN

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Who can picture LL Cool J without his Kangol hat? Lil Kim without the monochrome looks from her “Crush on You” video, or Biggie without his Timberlands and Versace sunglasses? Fashion and Hip Hop are a match made in heaven, but who are the stylists, designers, and tastemakers behind the streetwear explosion of the ‘80s and ‘90s? When black designers deconstruct, reclaim, and satirize luxury brands, their work often becomes more popular than their source material, but popularity doesn’t always mean enduring recognition. Through the stories of Misa Hylton, Dapper Dan, and April Walker we see how streetwear resisted ghettoization, the death of the record business, raids by Sonia Sotomayor herself, and the social media revolution to take center stage in the global fashion industry. -KM


Sponsored by the New Orleans Multicultural Tourism Network