October 19

98 MIN

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“What’s the worst thing you’ve ever heard?” In the summer of 1996, a sleepover among five teenage girls is about to descend into tragedy. Post-narrated by an elderly survivor, the evening’s entertainment consists of a contest, each girl trying to one-up the others by reciting the ghastliest story. Filmed with an elliptical beauty that throws a Glamour Shots™-esque soft-touch across its arty frames, The World is Full of Secrets channels the many layers of adolescent morbidity, summoning gothic tales, campfire spookery, sinister parlor games, and the ghost of 1,000 slasher films to arrive at something like a deconstructed episode of Nickelodeon’s Are You Afraid of the Dark?, an uber-stylish invocation of the teenage death drive. -JK