Oct 17 - Oct 22

Alongside virtual reality and installation-based video art, Cinema Reset is returning this year with newly-expanded programming in our microcinema within NOFF’s Festival Hub at the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC). Programming below will be running continuously throughout the festival, Thursday, Oct 17th to Tuesday, Oct  22rd 11am-8pm.


Accused #2: Walter Sisulu

France | 2018 | 14 MIN

DIR: Nicolas Champeaux, Gilles Porte

256 hours of sound archives bring back to life the political battle wagged by Nelson Mandela and his seven co-defendants. The film looks at one of them in particular, Walter Sisulu: accused number two.


Children Do Not Play War

USA, Brazil, Uganda | 2019 | 8 MIN

DIR: Fabiano Mixo

A cinematic Virtual Reality tale of the war in Uganda told through the eyes of a young girl.


Legendary Cyphers: A 360° Documentary

USA | 2017 | 10 MIN

DIR: Omotola Omolayole

This raw 360-degree documentary celebrates hip hop in its most organic form: the freestyle cypher. Once the beat drops, the rhymes literally don’t stop.


All On A Mardi Gras Day [WORLD PREMIERE]

Filmmaker in attendance.

USA | 2019 | 5 MIN

DIR: Biliana Grozdanova

A wild Mardi Gras Day virtual reality experience featuring scenes from the St. Ann parade, Bourbon Street and the Uptown Mardi Gras Indians.


Goodbye Paradise

Bislama | 2019 | 4 MIN

DIR: Scott E. Schimmel

Through this immersive experience, learn first hand the devastating effects that climate change is having on the community of the Maskelyne Islands in Vanuatu.


Tower of Babel by the Sea (海邊的巴別塔)

Taiwan | 2018 | 14 Min

Dir: Feng Wei-Jung Ever-changing in his outward appearance, the devil sells man a destiny with the promise of a Tower of Babel. Man becomes cursed by his own greed, and as pollution spreads, nature is caught in a spiral of death.


Coast 360: A Virtual Day in the Delta
Sponsored Content Presented by Restore the Mississippi River Delta

USA | 2018 | 7 MIN

CREATED BY: Launch Media and Mesh, along with the Restore the Mississippi River Delta Communications Team

In this exclusive 360 experience, viewers will visit one of the areas of Louisiana’s coast actually gaining land, an active barrier island restoration project and a coastal community on the forefront of Louisiana’s land loss crisis. With an on-the-ground (and in the air) look at our coastal crisis, viewers will learn what needs to be done to restore and protect our coast, and, more importantly, why it matters.