October 17 – 20

78 MIN

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What if, instead of measuring blindness as the opposite of sight, we considered it merely another perspective? Director Rodney Evans follows visually impaired artists who use their limited sight to inform their work. Photographer John Dugdale composes photos through the “crescent moon” sliver of sight he has left. Writer Ryan Knighton reckons with how much of a role sight actually plays in bringing his vision to life. Dancer Kayla Hamilton’s other senses govern her movements in her personal choreography. Evans himself doesn’t have any peripheral sight and posits that his filmmaking may in fact benefit from his tunnel vision. With his camera, he mimics the experiences of these artists to reveal a world, not lacking, but rather more expansive and imaginative than we know. -KM


Preceded by Dani
USA | 2018 | 9 Min
DIR: Lizzy Hogenson

A 30-year-old woman delivers her grim breast cancer prognosis to her mother over a simple phone call.