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Miya Cochran

Miya Cochran



Miya Z. Cochran (she/her/hers) is our newest team member here at the New Orleans Film Society. She serves as our Film Programming Coordinator. Miya was 12 years old when her mother rented Inception (2010) for her and her brother on red box. Miya remembers this monumental moment as the beginning of her journey in film. She became enamored with the beauty of filmmaking and dedicated the rest of her life to studying the craft.

After graduating from Savannah College of Art & Design, Miya took her passion for independent cinema & a strong background in hospitality & worked at various film festivals. She’s worked at Hamptons International Film Festival where she was a programming intern for 6 months & the Atlanta Film Festival where she worked as a Venue Operations Manager. Her vast experiences in the world behind the screen have brought her here and now as our New Film Programming Coordinator.

Miya is by definition a creative, as she spends her free time singing, writing music on the piano, catching the latest independent film at her local theatre & writing about films on letterboxed.