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Shana Swanson

ITVS / Supervising Producer

Shana Swanson is an Emmy Award and Peabody nominated Supervising Producer at ITVS.  She has worked for ITVS for six years. Prior to joining ITVS, she was a documentary Producer in New York City where she produced feature length documentaries for Alternate Current, an international arts and cultural production company and The New York Center for Visual History.  Her frequent co-producing partners were Turner Entertainment, NHK Japan, Gaumont, France 3 and BBC. The documentaries were broadcast on Turner Entertainment, Bravo, BBC and the PBS programs Dance in America and Great Performances. Shana moved to Los Angeles and worked as a consultant for The Walt Disney Company, Home Video division for 10 years. At Disney, she worked on Disney Branded content for Miramax, ESPN, ABC and ABC Family. With hundreds of films on her roster, some of her titles include There will be Blood, The Queen, No Country for Old Men, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, and the Disney Franchises – Chronicles of Narnia and National Treasure. Shana earned a BFA in film and television production from New York University, Tisch School of Arts  She is a member of the Producers Guild of America.